Anna & Saliou Cissokho

The duo consisting of a singer from Hamburg and a Kora player from Casamance Senegal combines a soulful, jazzy voice with Kora sounds that are traditional as well as modern. Not setting any limits to their sound, the duo makes excursions to various musical styles and invites their listeners onto a journey across the world of music.
Accompanying them is producer and guitar player Rudy Valentino Jr., who already played alongside several international artists such as Tarrus Riley, Samy Deluxe and others.

2017 Anna & Saliou Cissokho’s debut album has been released.

Musicians we play alongside with:

Guitar & Producer: Rudy Valentino Jr.

Guitar, percussions, drums: Julia Schmiedeberg –

Drums: Michi Pahlich

Keys: Jonny Amoako

Anna Cissokho was born in Hamburg. She discovered her love for music in her early childhood years and composed her first pieces on the piano. Wherever she went, her surroundings were being filled with the sound of her voice. At the age of 12, Anna joined the “Alsterspatzen“, the children’s choir of the Hamburg State Opera. There she made her first experiences in the TV- studio- and comercial field. Later she took private singing lessons until she commenced her qualification at the Hamburg School of Music which she completed sucessfully in 2007. With her band at that time, Ed Almighty, she won the first place at the Bandnet Award and later supported artist for Tanya Stephens, Easy Star All-Stars, Jamaram and others. Next to that, Anna Cissokho was part of various projects such as Franz Wittenbrinks “Café Amazonien”, the duo “Soul Appartment“ and Ade Major.

Saliou Cissokho was born in Zinguinchor Casamance, Senegal. He grew up in the family Cissokho Jali, where the tradition of playing the Kora is passed down from father to son.
Following the wish of his mother, he initially decided to study modern language and cultures, at the University of Dakar. However, the family tradition of playing the Kora did not let go of him.
Even before commencing his studies, he had started building his own instruments and finally Saliou Cissokho fully dedicated himself to the tradition of the Kora and the History of the Griots. In 2006, his musical path led him to Barcelona. Here he founded several musical projects and played alongside several international musicians and artists. He played in countless bars, clubs and at several festivals, among others at the Delta Sound Festival, the Barnafrica Festival and the Mercé Festival.
Saliou Cissokho lives in Hamburg since 2012 and successfully continues his musical path in Germany as well as worldwide.


Photo: Thomas Zydatiss